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A small-town boy at heart, Preston Sykes grew up in the town of Logan, in the southern West Virginia coal fields – a town so small, they didn't even have a big-box store until he was in high school! At the age of 18 Preston joined the military and set out to see the world! His very first assignment in Montana got him hooked on the rural Western way of life, and since then he's come to love the outdoors and the more conservative lifestyle!
During a deployment to Kandahar, Afghanistan, Preston found interacting with the locals very rewarding, and eye-opening. The art of negotiating is very much entrenched in their culture, and his dealings at the local Saturday morning bazaar brought both enjoyment and education! The spirit of entrepreneurship is strong in Preston: as a child, he watched his father grow retail and wholesale businesses. That, coupled with real-life lessons in negotiating during his deployment, molded his love of making and closing deals!
Preston has three children: Ryan and Kerra, who are students at Central and McCormick; and brand-new baby daughter Harper, with his wife Lana, a Registered Nurse here at CRMC. They love living in Cheyenne! As a bigger little city with a smaller-town vibe, it's a great place to raise their family! They enjoy hunting, fishing, camping, and rodeo, and have three dogs, two horses and a mule, and a cat! Preston is also a member of the CFD Contract Acts Committee and enjoys spending time with friends and helping out with ranching activities.

Preston Sykes

6106 Yellowstone Rd
Cheyenne, Wyoming 82009 United States